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The privilege of being able to make music and share Europe’s biggest stages with people you genuinely enjoy spending time with and respect both personally and musically….

The privilege of being able to make music for a living…

The privilege of seeing places in the world you might have never seen and meeting people you might have never met…

That, in a nutshell, is “Joie De Vivre”.

This is the 4th release from “Dario Napoli Modern Manouche” and our second live album, recorded on tour in Northern Europe. It was made at Energy Studio in Eindhoven where some of the most famous gypsy musicians – including Stochelo Rosenberg, Paulus Schafer and Fapy Lafertin – recorded their albums.

As a bit of an experiment, we decided to record at 432 Hz, which is the natural frequency in nature and, in our opinion, more agreeable on the ears and emotions…that’s for you, the listener, to judge!

Besides the incomparable Tommaso Papini holding down the rhythmic framework, the band features new member Tonino De Sensi. As one of Italy’s premier bassists, he’s famous, among other things, for his collaboration with legendary guitarist Gigi Cifarelli.

We hope you enjoy both the original compositions and the reinterpretations, all of which reflect a passion for Django Reinhardt, blended with the more contemporary influences of the musicians involved in this project.