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Diary of a Gadjo – Episode 21 – Bologna, Amsterdam

Diary of a Gadjo – Episode 19 – Stochelo Rosenberg in Petralia

fter a great summer of music, having the opportunity to play on stage in Petralia Djangofest with Stochelo Rosenberg definitely was a magic and unforgettable moment for me. Here’s the

Diary of a Gadjo – Episode 18 – A Day With Luthier Marco LaManna

With my Hahl guitar due for some much needed maintenance, who better to visit than my good friend and excellent luthier Marco LaManna. I figured it would be cool for

DIARY OF A GADJO, EPISODE 10 – Brasil, part one

Road adventures continue in 2015 as got to play the ‘Take Five’ jazz club in Bologna with Tolga During, a quick trip to Amsterdam to visit Irene Ypenburg and off

Diary of a Gadjo – Episode 8 – Thoughts about Rhythm

Nothing is more important than rhythm if you really want to play gipsy jazz or manouche. Although I’m not a true specialist, rhythm is something I work on every single


So here it is, Episode 5 of my video Diary, and it’s a packed one, 3 weeks condensed in about 12 minutes! So much had to be left out but

Diary of a Gadjo – Dario Napoli – Episode 1

“Diary of a Gadjo” is a new video blog I’m starting about my life as a musician, djangophile, former athlete, world traveler, life lover, etc. Besides tips and personal considerations