When was the last time you recorded yourself playing something? How did it feel?
Yesterday I recorded with my buddy Augusto Creni for a very cool Manual + DVD project were coming up with, along with Maurizio Geri, Tolga During, Jacopo Martini (all to be featured on my upcoming CD btw) and it never ceases to amaze me how different things can feel under the “magnifying glass”…

In my opinion, recording is the most beneficial exercise one can go through if they’re serious about improving as musicians. It’s the ultimate test, the true measure of one’s ability and skill at that given moment. If something is learned but not truly mastered, if you “kind of” know something but haven’t really dominated it, it will come out during a recording session, no doubt. If you’ve ever played competitive sports, you’ll know exactly the feeling. You can practice all you want but a real game, a real competitive situation will be unreplicable. So the best thing is to be in those situations as much as possible so you get used to the feelings, learn to deal with them and actually learn to bring out your best in them.

So, will update you soon on this wonderful project I’m undertaking with buddies Maurizio Geri, Jacopo Martini, Augusto Creni and Tolga During (yes, the same buddies and great players featured on my new CD): the first Gipsy Jazz Manual + DVD ever made in Italy by all Italian players. Really excited to see all our individual styles exposed, from basics to more advanced techniques, both on tab notation and in full HD video. Stay tuned, will update soon about it

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