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Listen to my version of Al Green’s LETS STAY TOGETHER, from my upcoming album MAKE IT A SUNNY DAY and feel free to let me know what you think. On the album I’m experimenting with electric bass quite a bit, as you can hear on this tune, and you’ll see why they call Maurizio Bozzi “Bozorius”…:)


  • 14/12/2013, 15:16  Reply

    A great new take on a favorite old song. Congratulations on the new release!

    • 14/12/2013, 17:05

      Thank you Christian, really appreciate and glad to hear you like it, means a lot! Hope I can see you at DiJ again:)

  • 20/01/2014, 16:57  Reply

    Good work again my friend!!! Like a “Sunny Day” Congratulations!!

    • 20/01/2014, 16:59

      Grazie Mauro, great big hug brother!!

  • Simon Candy
    21/01/2014, 14:42  Reply

    Awesome track Dario! Electric bass sounds great and the guitar is fantastic as always 🙂

    • 21/01/2014, 16:12

      Thank you Simon,coming from you that means a lot, really appreciated!

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