``JOIE DE VIVRE`` new album coming soon


“What I love about the gypsy jazz style and it’s scene is how honest it is”

Dario Napoli

“Your reputation and respect is earned by how you perform live. You can’t BS that crowd.  There are no shortcuts or special effects.  You either can play or you can’t and it’s raw and sincere.  You could be a lawyer or a janitor but, if you have the skill, you will be respected and accepted.”

“My brother brought me to an Eric Clapton concert. I remember being so affected I could barely sleep after.  I knew I was ready to pay the price to do all I could to learn, on a beat up 40-euro classical guitar, copying by ear all I could.”



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The last Dario’s album is now available as pre-order in physical and/or digital copy.

Album Info

Although sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt is the main inspiration behind the album, in “Joie de Vivre”, Dario Napoli looks to include more contemporary influences in his version of gypsy swing, introducing elements of more modern musical styles such as bebop, funk and modern jazz. The result is an unpredictable and exuberant sound, which steals from various musical eras leading you you through a rich and vibrant sonic experience, without ever totally abandoning the gypsy imprint of Django



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Daily supervision

Minimum of 5 hours of focused guitar practice and playing per day, under the supervision of Dario Napoli:  “1 -on- 1” time with Dario, available for questions, tips and feedback.  


Package includes Accomodation, Dinner on the 15th, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner through the rest of the Camp. Check-in is expected at or after 15:00 of Thursday the 15th and Check-out is Monday the 19th by noon.

Visit Italy

FREE access to gorgeous outdoor swimming Pool INCLUDED and  “3 Hour” boat tour of Lake Trasimeno: Euros 15.00/person (minimum 5 people)!

Testimonials from Dario’s Guitar Camps – Michael Loftus

“This has been one of the greatest weeks ever!”

Michael Loftus

Testimonials from Dario’s Guitar Camps – Rod Savant

“You can’t get this kind of attention anywhere else, I don’t want to go back home!”

Rod Savant

Testimonials from Dario’s Guitar Camps – Shai Meir

“For me it was the best workshop I’ve been to…!”

Shai Meir

Testimonials from Dario’s Guitar Camps – Johannes & Donough

Donough: “10 out of 10″! Johannes:”It’s great to play new songs every night in front of an audience!”

Johannes & Donought



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